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You can't buy happiness,

but you can buy a bike and that's pretty close.


Bicycle world is currently stocking Electric Bikes. Stop in today for a free test ride!

E Bikes are for everyone.


Sometimes you’ll ride for fun, sometimes you’ll ride for fitness, and sometimes you’ll ride just to get from A to B. No matter how you spend time in the saddle, e-bikes offer unique solutions to the challenges of any ride. These bikes are all about possibility.


On- or off-road, they’re perfect for those who want to climb faster, explore more, or just get there a bit faster.


Only e-bikes offer the flexibility to get in a workout, ride with a faster friend, haul a heavy load, or simply cruise. Even if your ride varies from day to day, an electric bicycle always gives you the option to do and experience more.

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These bikes are Lithium powered, waterproof and durable. Their power output is between 250 and 350 watts to reach speeds of 20 to 28 mph.


General range is 20-100 miles, based on power mode, terrain, and other riding conditions.


Simply plug into a standard wall outlet and allow 3-5 hours to charge a depleted battery.


Our e-bikes are pedal-assist bikes, which means there’s a motor that helps the pedals turn when you’re riding, but no throttle like a motorcycle or dirt bike. When you’re pedaling, the e-bike gives you a boost. When you stop pedaling, the bike stops assisting.

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